Commissioning artworks is a great way to purchase personalised original paintings, drawings, and digital art designed to your needs and aesthetics.

The commissioning process can be broken down into the following stages, images are from the Johnson Matthey project.

Stage One - Gathering of information
Stage one is to find out what you require. After a short consultation, we can discuss possible ideas and art direction. When I have a clear idea I will start to collect source material for the project. It is essential at this stage to understand the environment for the artwork, who is it for, and the context in which it will be shown. I usually base my work on real locations, but, if you require invented places of interest I can visualise ideas for you. I gather information through drawing, visiting locations, and Google Earth.
Stage two - Concepts
When the sufficient source material is collected I start to construct colour designs in Photoshop. I will use the source material to aid the compositions digitally. The emphasis is to compose and fine-tune an image, focusing on the dynamics of colour and perspective. This process goes through multiple changes until the right solution for the project is found. By the end of this stage, there is a strong idea about the locations and concept of the artwork. This is usually illustrated with an in-situ image of the concept artwork in its intended space. 

Stage Three - Creating the artwork

When the concepts have been approved I start the artwork. This process can take between 6 to 12 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the design, during this time I will send the client images to show the progression of the artwork, if there are any changes needed, the client can inform me and I will make the adjustments. When the artwork is finished it will be delivered and installed.
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